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    Maine Videos;

    Aroostook County Harvest Blues from Dan Soucy on Vimeo.

    County Harvest Blues

    "County Harvest Blues is an original tune by Maine singer/songwriter Brian Patricks. The performance was recorded live in 2009 at Lisbon, Maine's MTM park.

    The videos are a compilation of archive clips and vintage home videos. Music and video was mixed at the Remember ME! Media studios.

    Touring Maine's history, a project of RMM, is pleased to present this first music video showing what 'tater pickin' in the County was like. Long days, some starting as early as 4AM and finishing when it got too dark to see the taters on the ground were once a part of life in northern Maine's Arrostook county farming communities."

    Maine Moxie Parade 2010

    "The Maine Moxie Parade is held annually in conjuction with the Moxie Festival in Lisbon Maine.

    If you like fire trucks, we got 'em here in this show, including what may well be the mother of all ladder trucks and a little tike that knows what he's doing behind the wheel of his own midget fire truck.

    Antique cars galore also adorn the scene, with auto's from the early days as well as some muscle cars and some brand new jobbies as well.

    As in most locally produced parades, you'll find a gaggle of political candidates and elected representatives, and in this parade we have non other than the Honorable Olympia Snowe, Maine's other Senator.

    The Kora clowns are on board for fun and frivolity as are a good complement of assorted mini go cart teams including the crazy cop brigade.

    Also along for the walk were several local businesses and teams, check out the cheerleaders!

    For bands we have the Auburn Community Band and several bagpipe units, and don't forget the 20th ME CoB reenactment group who give their usual firing demonstration along the route as well.

    Trailing along towards the end we have several horse teams, and this time there were some mini horses for your enjoyment. those little guys can really run you know!

    Also we have some of thefine folks from the annual Pow Wow held behind the Lisbon High School in the parade.

    And last but not least are the Moxie Horsemobiles and plane. And don't forget the two characters that have long been used in Moxie's advertising history."


    Books we are promoting by Maine authors...

    Presenting our newest offering...



    Bigfoot; and Other cryptic Legends of the Northeast

    Print: $20.00        Download: $10.00

    Bigfoot; and Other Cryptic Legends in an anthology of stories and commentary regarding the cryptic creatures we call Bigfoot, sea serpents and other names, and includes stories of various other paranormal areas such as ghosts, hauntings and witchcraft.


    Surviving The Times

    Surviving The Times

    Print: $24.95  Download: $12.00

    Surviving the Times takes you through the steps to make your own preparedness planning binder. You'll learn how to guage the level of various threats as the relate to your preparedness planning by using the three P's of preparedness, the SaWaFo pyramid and more.

    Salt & Pines

    Click on the titles to order, or for more information...

    A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide

    A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide 

    Print: $19.95

    Download: $10.00

    A compilation of tips and how to's on developing an emergency preparedness plan, and how to get ready for natural and man made disasters. Also includes a comprehensive listing of state and federal agencies to contact for more help and assistance in dealing with mergency planing and ealing with the aftermath of a disaster.

    Click on the titles to order or learn more about these books!

    Is Plum Creek Right For ME?

    Is Plum Creek Right For ME?

    Print: $24.50

    Download: $15.00

    In this book the author discusses the issue of large scale development in the state of Maine. The issue of the Plum Creek Timber Companies plans to develop Maines Moosehead Lake region into a mega resort area has been a divisive issue in this state. Follow along as the pros and cons are addressed, even as the deal to steal the Maine Northwoods from future generations of Maine's children is signed and sealed. What lies in store for the future of Maine as we become a state mired in a service level economy.

      Maine After Midnight

    Maine after midnight. Now revised with even more spooky stuff, just in time to order for your Halloween enjoyment!
    Tends to be a bit on the dark side up here. Especially during the colder seasons. Spooky stories abound throughout the world. Stories to make you nervous. Stories that make your hair stand on end. Stories that keep you transfixed till the end, and then you realize you’ve been had. Then there are stories that make you wonder if they are true tales, or just the firelight talking on a dark cloudy night. This collection of tales is set entirely in the confines of Maine. Everybody talks about the castles of Europe, Count Dracula and endless horrors from the past. But Maine has been around for four centuries now, and we’ve accumulated a lot of good stories of our own. Maine has its own share of legends, from Cassie the sea creature in Casco Bay, to the Penobscot Ridge Monster, the Windigo, Old Razor shins, and the perennial Side Hill Winder. Ghost stories from every attic in the state almost. Click on the title to order the revided edition!
    (157 pages) Paperback:  $20.00 Download:  $10.00

    Salt & Pines is now available at your local bookstores.


    Those who are fortunate enough to have grown up in Maine know that it has a way of life and sense of humor unlike anywhere else. Spend time on a lobster boat with Roy Fairfield or Tim Sample, or on Echo Farm in Auburn as Dave Sargent relates it. Phil Candelmo talks about life in Portland during World War II, and Luthera Burton Dawson teaches us a bit of “Mainespeak.” These are only a few of the stories told here and of the thousands cherished by Mainers. If you have ever wondered what it was like to live in Maine’s bygone days, follow along with our contributors and see what tales they have to tell about this state’s unique spirit.

    Salt & Pines is now available at your local bookstores. I have made a few concessions to changes of the cover and some images, but the stories are all there. It is now available through your local bookstore and on Amazon.com. Alternatively, you can order it direct by clicking the buy now button above, or following this link: https://historypress.net/indexsecure.php?prodid=9781609493684. You can paste the link into your browsers search window if it does not work by simply clicking it.



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